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Oklahoma native, Kelli Stretesky lives and works in New York City as an abstract artist.  She earned her BFA from New York University Tisch School of the Arts and has been involved with community projects, founding Art for Hospitals + to enhance health through medicinal art.  When not painting, Kelli can be found working with people in the film and television industry, specifically Asbury Shorts New York, who has hosted her work during premiers.  Kelli’s early work, created at the young age of 8, was publicized as the national winner of a competition for a statewide campaign, “Don’t Lay that Trash on Oklahoma” and was recognized by the First Lady for her contribution.  Her first solo public exhibition was as a featured artist in the New York Public Library which commenced showings at Jawbox and G2 in NYC, Studio 107 in Oklahoma, Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong and others in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Kelli’s work is evolving, with bold color, depth, and movement. Her Paintings range from small to large, with something for everyone whether her Georgia O’Keefe-like flowers to the collectible, and often muted, but highly texturized Color Blocks series.  The energetic essence of her recognizable style is depicted mostly in her unique and daring abstracts that set her apart from any other artist.

Artist Statement

My work is made with all aspects of my heart.  The brush strokes and sculpting of the oil represent my experiences and zest for life. The mission is to connect our humanity.  It is too often forgotten that all humans share the desire to be understood, respected and loved.  My works are the scripts of my stories.