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Hi Friends,

Thank you for stopping by the website.  Lately, I’ve been looking into ways to make my work more affordable for all of you by using different mediums, making a broader range of sizes and by making the option for prints available via direct order.  It has been a goal of mine to only sell originals because I wanted everyone to experience the joys and fabulousness of owning original art.  There is so much more to an artwork that cannot be conveyed through reproductions no matter how good they are, especially with the oil paintings.  My works often have a great deal of texture that does not translate fully to flat copies.

After years of only selling original work, I’ve decided to branch out to find the best way to make prints available to all of my fans.  Until I get the new integrated features on my website where prints can be ordered, you can message me via email, on my Facebook art page, or on Instagram and I will work with you to get prints made.

Lately, I’ve been making many watercolors.  It is not my usual medium and I’ve been having fun experimenting and creating a variety of works that will fit well into your homes and offices.  These works are smaller and very affordable.  I have yet to photograph and upload the full images to my website and various other pages, but you can preview the works on my Instagram and Facebook accounts.  If you haven’t written me lately, I want to hear from you and what you are looking for.  Always feel free to reach out with any questions.  I’m happy to answer anything no matter how small your inquiry may be.

I really appreciate your continued support on my life journey of art.  Next up on the to-do list is to compose newsletters.  If you haven’t signed up on my email list, make sure don’t miss out on getting my first ever newsletter where I will give insights into the works, highlight new works, and get insider information and offers.  Sign up and don’t miss out!

Until next time, here is a wonderful and interesting use of lighting on a painting one of my patrons owns.  He was tickled at how the use of lighting changes the looks of the work so much.  Enjoy!


Kelli Stretesky
Oil on canvas
10″ x 10″ x 1.5″