From New York City, “Tiffany II” Now Lives Happily in Norway

This painting, Tiffany II, was commissioned for a collector in Europe.  Below the painting is the collector’s review of the experience and work.From New York to Norway, Kelli Stretesky is becoming more and more an internationally selling artist.  This piece was commissioned by a lovely teacher in Frederickstad and it was a joy making it just right for her.  She originally fell in love with Tiffany, a flower from the Flora collection.  On Facebook, Inger shared her experience::

Stretesky Partners with Biainili



Many years ago, Kelli met her neighbor, Victoria, and soon to be close friend that blossomed into the founder of Biainili. They nourished their friendship over coffee and walks in the neighborhood while discussing art, philosophy and ideas on flying to the moon.  After founding the line, Victoria knew she had to incorporate Kelli’s artwork.  It’s been a beautiful and exciting collaboration ever since and the results are fabulous!

Now everyone can have Stretesky’s art on the new premium perfumed products by Biainili.There are seven sensationally, scented candles made from natural ingredients such as coconut and soy wax, essential oils and signature perfumes. Biainili breaks the mold of trends with the use of fine art on it’s all natural, Armenian-inspired product line, and it shows.

Scented candles can be exclusively found online in Biainili’s Fragrance section.  Collections include Tarragon, Geranium & Rosehips, Basil, Benzoin, Fig & Coffee, Walnut & Cognac, and Armenian Pomegranate.

Pictured below is the wonderful Biainili Basil candle featuring the painting Journey (that is still available).
Be sure to check out the rest of the collection at




















New York Session Symphony: Live Performance This Saturday

Join me this Saturday with New York Session Symphony, May 30th at 7:30 for this , and

I will be in the lobby with some of my work for purchase.  See you there!